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  • How long is your health guarantee?

    • I am proud to say that we are now offering a 5 year health guarantee* on all of our kittens that go to pet homes, this is an indication in how much confidence we have in the future health of all of our kittens.

                *some conditions do apply​​​

  • Are there any products that you recommend for getting ready for when our kitten comes home?​

    • There are definitely products that I can recommend for you in order to prepare for when your kitten comes home, click here to learn more about the products that I have used and can honestly recommend for you.​

  • Nuvet vitamins

  • Do you offer Breeding Rights to your cats?  

    • I am currently looking for a select number of catteries that are looking to add the blue eyed trait to their breeding program.  I will only be allowing a limited number of breed quality blue eyed kittens to go to other Canadian catteries, if you are interested please fill out a kitten application.

  • Can we pick up our kitten earlier than 13-14 weeks of age?  

    • At 12 weeks of age all of our kittens are spayed/neutered, males need a week to recover and females need two weeks in order to fully recover therefore we cannot allow our kittens to leave earlier.  We also feel that it is best for our kittens to stay with their moms and/or siblings as long as possible as this helps in the development and socialization of our kittens.

  • Will our kittens be vaccinated or dewormed?

    •  All of our kittens receive their first two sets of vaccinations and will receive multiple dewormings before they go to their new homes.  We also treat all of our newly vaccinated kittens with Anti Vaccinosis from Adored Beast Apothecary, it assists in the removal of associated vaccine side effects without removing any vaccine benefits.  They also have a facebook page, click here

  • What do you feed your kittens? 

    • We feed our kittens  Go! Chicken, Turkey, Duck  recipe dry cat food, this is a high quality Canadian made cat food and can be found at your local pet store across Canada. At Marwood Maine Coons we make our own wet cat food out of chicken thighs, for the full recipe please click here.

Mainecoon Alberta Canada
  • What kind of litter do you use?

  • Can we come see and play with our kitten?  

    • If you are currently on our VIP list you may make an appointment to visit after the kittens are nine weeks of age or before you reserve your choice of kitten. Currently we do not allow those on the waitlist to visit until after they have reserved a kitten, we do post many pictures of our kittens on our facebook page so everyone can see how the kittens are doing and growing.

  • May I come and see your cattery?

    • Unfortunately I am not offering tours of the cattery at this time.

  • Will you send us weekly photos?  

    • No, I recommend that all new kitten owners follow me on facebook where I will be posting weekly photos of your kittens.  This benefits both parties as you get to see regular updates on how your kitten is growing and it allows me to focus on the health, care and socialization of your kitten as well as the care of my family.

  • Do you have a waitlist?

    •  Yes we do, Please read the  waitlist page for more details on how to get on our waitlist.

  • We have given the deposit for your VIP list, now what?  

    • Once I have received your deposit I will put you on our VIP list, I will then notify you once the kittens are 3-4 weeks of age and again when they are ready to be reserved.  I highly suggest that you follow my facebook page as I always place litter notifications and kitten updates there. Those who are on the VIP list are always given the first opportunity to place a kitten on hold at 10 weeks of age.

  • You had a litter and I wasn't contacted, why not?  

    • Please be aware that we place you on our VIP list in the order that we have received your deposit, therefore there may be people ahead of you and the entire litter of kittens may already be reserved by the time we get to your name.  Fear not, we will contact you when we have another litter of Available Kittens and we get to your name.

  • We have changed our minds, can we get our deposit back or transfer it to another person?  

    • The deposit is non refundable, the only reason we would refund the deposit is if we cannot provide you a kitten meeting your criteria in the designated time frame.  We do not allow deposits to be transferred to other individuals.

  • Do you require regular updates on our kitten? 

    • We enjoy receiving photos and updates on how our kittens are doing and we do require a certain amount of updates per year.  There are a few reasons why we require this, knowing the health of our kittens that have gone to their homes helps us in our decision of knowing which cats we should be pairing or if we should consider retiring one of our cats.  The second reason is that by seeing the development of our kittens it helps us see if our goals as a breeder are being accomplished.

  • Can we wait to get our kitten spayed or neutered? 

    • All of our kittens leave our cattery already spayed or neutered, this is not negotiable.  It avoids negative behavior problems such as spraying or attempting to roam, It saves the new owner the hassle and cost of arranging the surgery themselves and It ensures that our cats never end up in a backyard breeding situation.

  • Can I declaw my kitten?  

    • There are many reasons why we are against this and recommend that you do not declaw your cat.  We have many Maine Coons and find that most of them are actually very gentle and rarely take out their nails except when they are playing.  Make sure you use cat appropriate toys for playing and have plenty of cat approved areas for your Maine Coon to climb and/or scratch and you shouldn't have a problem.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?  

    • At the moment we only accept etransfers or cash.

  • What happens if I find out that I am allergic or one of my kids are allergic to the cat?  

    • We highly suggest you know this before you place a deposit on a kitten, as the deposit is non-refundable, or bring your kitten home, every time a cat or kitten is moved to another home it does create a lot of stress. Go to a friends house and expose your kids and yourself to their cat or dog- make sure the pet is not hypoallergenic.  If you are allergic to dogs you are probably allergic to cats as well.  We like to avoid multiple pet rehoming if it is at all possible.

  • What if I cannot take care of him/her any more, will you buy him/her back?  

    • This is a lifetime commitment, Maine Coons can live from 12-15 years or longer depending on the care they receive.  If you cannot give them a home or take care of them DO NOT buy one, we will of course take him or her back and try to find them another great home but we do not buy back our kittens.

  • Do you health test your cats?  

    • YES!  We want to ensure as much as we are able that every kitten who leaves our cattery is healthy.  We use Optimal Selection to test our cats.

  • What do you test for?  

    • We test all of our Breeding cats for SMA, PKD, HCM, PKdef, FIV and FELV, if a cat does not clear these health tests we do not use them in our breeding program.  Please note that a cat can be a carrier for PKdef and still be used for breeding as long as they are not bred to another cat that is also a carrier, this does not affect the health of your kitten.

    • We also hip test all of our breeding males and females, preliminaries are done at 9-10 months of age.

For more information about the care and feeding of your Maine Coon kitten click here

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