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Tabby kittens that have an appearance of white with color only on the tips of the hair shaft.



Solid coat with no pattern.



Can come in any color combination but will always have a Mackerel, Classic or Spotted pattern to their coat.



More then your usual number of toes.

Ticked coat

Ticked coat

The ticked gene masks the tabby. Starbuck is a silver ticked.

Smoke Kittens

Smoke Kittens

Solid kittens with white at the root and color on the rest of the hair shaft.

Silver kittens

Silver kittens

Tabby kittens with white at the root and color on the rest of the hair shaft.

High Smoke

High Smoke

High Smokes have a high degree of smoke to their coat and can be in any color.



Tabbies with very minimal color and only on the very tip of the hair shaft.



As of January 1, 2024 we will be offering a 5 year* health guarantee!

*some conditions apply

At the moment we are only accepting etransfers or cash as forms of payment.


A non-refundable deposit of 40% of the total purchase price is required to reserve a kitten. The remaining balance is due seven days before pick up.


Pricing as of January 1, 2024

$2,850 for solid/tabby kittens

$3,350 for polydactyl and silver/smoke/ticked

$3,850 high smoke

$4,850 Shaded

$5,350 for blue/odd eyes


Our pricing reflects the quality, care and diligence we put into each and every one of our Kings, Queens and every litter of kittens that we bring into this world.

Available Kittens

Kitten Application

PDF Kitten Application

Sample Contract

*Prices do not include gst

*Kittens are not considered sold until we have received both the signed contract and  deposit.


Marwood Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Come to our Cattery

Pick up your kitten from our Place.  Kittens must be picked up within three days of the pick up date listed on the kitten contract.  This option is FREE.

MaineCoon Breeder Canada

Edmonton Airport


If you decide to fly to the Edmonton Airport to pick up your kitten we will meet you there with your kitten in an airline approved pet carrier.  Be sure to book your return flight to include a pet.


 Calgary airport  $235

*All transport fees must be paid for in full five days before the kittens date of departure.

Maincoon Breeder Alberta Canada

Cargo Shipping

 Price may vary depending on airline and if a comfort stay is needed.   We will make all arrangements needed in order to get your little fur baby shipped to you.  We currently only ship within Canada.

Edmonton Airport $575

Calgary Airport $675*

*Will only ship from the Calgary Airport if a direct flight is unavailable from the Edmonton airport.

For more information about the care and feeding of your Maine Coon kitten click here

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