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We think our kittens are the best but don't take our word for it, here are what our kitten families have to say about their beautiful, healthy babies.
Top Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Finn's mom says. "Finn is doing good at our home!  He's such a sweet baby boy we are in love!  You raise amazing bur babies!  He's like snuggling a piece of cloud!  We are super happy to have Fin with us!  Hope your doing well !"

Top MaineCoon Breeder Alberta Canada

Aurora's mom says, "Aurora is such good company, she loves sleeping on my note pads while I work from home.  She's doing well!

She's so adorable, specially when it's eating time, my kids like to call her 'hungry hippo'! my niece lovers her too!"

Top Maine Coon Breeder, Alberta Canada

Filch's mom says, "Filch has been a dream so far, if not a little nibbly hahaha  He's been eating, drinking, exploring, playing, and using the litter in his basecamp no problem.  He's a little nervous about us reaching out for him and walking around, but he's cuddled up to us while sitting on the floor too."

Top Mainecoon Breeder, Alberta Canada

Obi's dad says. "Felix (Obi) is doing very well adjusting!  He is extremely playful, energetic and cuddly.  We took him to the vet for a wellness exam (attached) and everything went perfect.  He is such an adventurous and outgoing kitten!

Thank you again for everything!"

Felicity of Marwood Maine Coons, Alberta Canada

Felicity's mom says, "I cannot even begin to describe this adorable little kitten.  A friend asked me when I first got her if she was worth it... and I can 100% wholeheartedly say this kitty was worth every penny.  I adore her, she snuggles with me every night and has been an absolute privilige to get to hang out with her for the last two months.  She's gained over 5pounds, she's absolutely huge and every day she drives me crazy in the best ways!!  Thanks Marwood Maine Coons for trusting us with this amazing girl. " 

Kenaniah, Top Maine Coon Breeder, Alberta Canada

Kenaniah's mom says, "Kenaniah weighed in at 6.5lbs yesterday and received his rabies vax. The vet said you did an excellent job breeding him." 

Erye of Marwood Maine Coons, Alberta Canada

Eyre's mom says. "We love her so much!!  She is so smart and super affectionate!!

Mainecoon Breeder Alberta Canada

Marty's dad says; "Hello! I just wanted to touch base and let you know that Dyrim (whom I've take to calling Marty) is all settled in and doing great!  He has managed to already destroy both the wand toy you sent, as well as I few of mine, so I'll have to do some shopping tomorrow to find him some new toys .  Thank you again very much!! "


Petra's mom says; "We are so happy to have her, she is beyond beautiful and so loving.  She has fit right in with our family and we have fallen for her."


Rip's mom says; "Hope you are doing great i seen pics of your blue eyed beauties there are beautiful.  We are so pleased with rip.  Thank you again.  He's a pleasure."


Tali's mom says "Tali is officially 6 months old today! We just want to thank you again for bringing this sweet angel into our lives. She has brought out the kitten in our 16 year old male cat and adores snuggling with our 7 year old male dog. She has grown so much in only 3 months, I do believe she takes after her dad yahont! She loves snuggling with her dad and playing and chasing me. Thank you so much for her, she is truly a beautiful example of the breed."

Bella & Willow Maine Coon, Alberta, Canada

Willow's mom says, "

Hi Sandra, thought I would share a new picture of Bella and Willow.

They are now getting along very well, but still each their own personalities.

Willow is finally growing and has started to be able to get up on some places  with Bella.

Bella follows her like a little puppy, and each day gets better and better.

We still have to watch Bella with her as she likes to pin her, and if we say gentle or tell her to stop... she starts to groom her.  " as in, I'm not doing anything "

I am so glad we brought Willow into our house, as it appears they are going to be great friends for each other.  Dogs and gets are also getting along.

Have a great weekend."

This is also Bella's mom, Bella's review is below.


Bella's mom says "She has adjusted well and finally has adjusted to both dogs and adapting very well.  She is amazing, Thank you for such a sweet fur baby. "

Meeko's mom says "We could not have asked for a better fit for our family. She is wild at times and then just the sweetest most tolerant girl. She entertains us on a daily basis and we love her to pieces!"

Marwood Maine Coons Alberta Canada

Dusty Buns' mom says "He's gown so much!  He loves everyone and vice versa lol."

Marwood Maine Coons, Alberta Canada

Ozzy's mom says "Hi sis, hope your having a good week. I thought I would give you an update on our fur babies.  Ozzy is doing great, he's growing fast.  Marley and Ozzy are great buds and Phantom is warming up to Ozzy."

Marwood Maine Coons Alberta Canada

Thor's mom says "We love Thor so much.  He is quite the little mischief maker. But loved to pieces."

Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Calvin and Hobbe's mom and dad say "They are settling in nicely, chasing stalking and playing with each other and exploring the room.  These two just get along so well!."

Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Charlie's mom says, " Just want to thank you for such an amazing cat.  Roslin aka Charlie is fitting in wonderfully.  She is super sweet, her temperament is so lovely."

Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Bakari's mom says "Fuddles and Bakari are best friends lol, thank you so much for taking care of him up until this point."

Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Stella's mom says, " She is one of the most food motivated, cuddly kittens we have ever had!  She fits in perfectly with our corgi!  She has grown so much since being with us and she is developing some beautiful orange colouring."

MaineCoon Breeder Canada

Isla's mom says "We are so happy to have one of your kittens.  Isla is definitely growing and loves being part of our pack.  She loves her dog siblings, especially my young girl Amelia"

MaineCoon Breeder Canada

Sarah says "I am very pleased to have a Marwood kitten!  Highly recommend."

Blue Eyed Maine Coon Breeder Canada

Rio's mom says "He is such a love, we are obsessed with him already!  He pretty much sits on command and we are working on shake a paw"

Maine Coon Breeder Canada

Atticus Argent Finch's mom says "Thanks so much for breeding such a wonderful kitty!  He is the only animal I own that is not afraid of a vacuum cleaner."

Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Cricket's mom says "Had her vet check today, all went great.  Cricket is settling in well."

Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Mr Budder's mom says "I love that little guy sooo much.  He is very naughty but balances that with affection.  Loves to have his belly rubbed.  Sits still for brushing, plays fetch."

Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Roddy Piper's mom says "Roddy is very spunky and has a loud kitten meow, ha.  I would recommend Marwood Maine coons to anyone looking to add this beautiful breed as a furry member of their homes.

Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Argo's mom says "I loved dealing with Sandra from start to finish and if we get another Maine Coon, we know where to go!"

Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Tyche's mom says "Tyche is an absolute pleasure!  Only scratches her scratching pad, is submissive with the old cat, cuddles readily and goes outside on a leash!  Such a treasure."

Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Cora's mom says "Marwood Maine Coons has been from the day I contacted them amazing, all my questions were answered and the process was very transparent.  Now I get to enjoy a beautiful Maine Coon and I know that Marwood will give me advice and support if I need it."

Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Lucy's mom says "She's the most sweetest girl ever!  Boy does she ever love kisses!  We are all so in love!!!"

Blue Eyed Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Sterling's mom says "We are pleased with his cuddly nature too.  Our son takes him to bed for a few minutes and covers him w a blanket.  Sterling stays no problem and even falls asleep."

Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Abba and Adriel's mom says "We're getting lots of cuddles and they're becoming quite chatty.  Their activity level is excellent, they're eating and drinking very well and playing full out every morning for four hours."

Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Jupiter's mom says "She is so beautiful and her personality is so spunky.  I can't tell you how much I lover her, she is a stinker, but when she cuddles and looks for kisses, my heart melts!!"

Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Finnnegans dad says "What an awesome, calm, curious and affectionate companion!"

Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Bruins mom says "He is such a cuddly boy.  He also loves to explore the house.  I have started walking him with his halter and leash... it's a work in progress."

Blue Eyed Maine Coon Breeder Alberta Canada

Jijis dad says "She's been curious about  everything.  She checked every corner in our apartment and we played with her for a while.  She handled everything perfectly.  I thought she would hide for a day or two but she was not afraid at all."

We love hearing from our kitten families, if you have one of our kittens please feel free to leave a review on our Facebook Page 

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