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Mainecoon breeder Canada

Premier breeder of blue eyed Maine Coons in Western Canada

Located in Rural Central Alberta 


   We are growing...  in the fall of 2021 we decided to start building our Kings and Queens a dedicated space of their own.  While some of our Queens enjoy sharing their space, some Queens find it stressful and prefer to be alone while they are queening and raising their litter of kittens.  The nursery area is a dedicated quiet space for our Queens, this is especially necessary when our girls are Queening for the first time.  The kitten room is full of exciting things for the older kittens to investigate and explore while remaining healthy, cozy and safe.  We work hard at making sure that every kitten is well socialized before they go home to their new families.  This means that every kitten is exposed to multiple noises, cars honking, babies crying, dogs barking, music playing, people talking, loud movies, the vacuum cleaner running and having a real live dog in their space.  All of this is done to ensure an easier transition into their new homes, yet even with all of this exposure sometimes we do have certain kittens that are a little shyer then others.  When this happens we will do our best to place them in homes that will suit them.


   Our cattery was built to suit the needs of our Kings, Queens and kittens so every room has a window, shelves, catwalks and tunnels so that they can climb, explore and see the world outside.  Health is our top priority so the cattery also has an HVAC, old air is sucked out throughout the day and every room has a constant supply of fresh air all year long, even in the dead of winter.  The Cattery even has a washer, dryer and sink  so that all bedding, floor rugs and dishes can be cleaned daily.  An outdoor area is provided for our Queens and kittens so that during the warmer months of the year they may enjoy the fresh air. 



   Some of our males do spray, this will always be the case with males that remain intact, and even some of our females will spray while they are in heat.  Knowing this and experiencing the smell that results from spraying, we searched to find an easy way to maintain a healthy environment for all of our Maine Coons.  Muralex, was the answer, a waterproof material that is smooth and will not retain any odours or bacteria.  All of the rooms are covered in this material, the floors are sealed concrete and every room has a floor drain making everything easy to wash down and maintain a high level of cleanliness.

The Kings have their own separate summer stud house because some of them do enjoy spraying.

Uncensored Cattery Tour

Summer Stud Area

For more information about the care and feeding of your Maine Coon kitten click here

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