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Image by Annie Spratt


Aurorarich ice Princess
Ice Princess or Aurora as we like to call her has been taking her time getting used to life in the cattery.  She is very affectionate, quick to purr and slow to accept change.  She has passed her hip exams and DNA tests.
color:  fs 11 black tortie shaded



Family Stars Dixi Piksi
Dixi is such a sweet girl who is patient and kind, ready to explore new situations she is a confident girl with an excellent temperament. 
Color: f tortoishell

Isla Blue Ridge
Isla is a very loving girl, so patient and gentle, she steals the heart of all who meet her.
color: ns 09 24 61 Black Silver Spotted Tabby with white

Yukiko is a calm loving girl, daughter to Que Lindo and Dixxi Piksi.  I am very proud to have produced this stunning girl right here in our own cattery
color:  gs 09 24 61 Blue Silver tortie  with white and Blue eyes  FEMALE

DNA Tests Results

MARWDMC Foxy Azariah
Foxy is a super sweet affectionate girl, she is sister to Yukikio, daughter to Que Lindo and Dixi Piksi.  Her profile is stunning and I am very delighted to have her in our breeding program.
color: fs 22, 09, 61 Black silver tortie with white and blue eyes  FEMALE

MARWDMC Starbuck
Starbuck is a gentle and loving lady with a stunningly beautiful black ticked coat.  She fits in so well with all of our girls and I am so excited to be adding her to our future breeding program.
color:  ns 25 black silver ticked tabby female

Heart Stealer Que Lindo

Heartstealers Que Lindo is a beautiful boy who comes from the joyfield line of Blue eyed Maine Coons.  he is a fantastic guy that likes to know what is going on in his world, he is very affectionate .

color: es 09 Cream silver with white

Primevillecoons Yahont

Yahont is a very gentle loving boy, confident and sweet he is a big boy from shaded lines.  He likes to be near us and loves to be held.

color: ns black smoke

Behold Perseverance
This stunning boy is from Alabama but his lines trace all the way back to the Masterweaver Polydactyls of Canada.  He is a snowshoe polydactyl, 5 toes on each paw, which means that his paws look HUGE.  He has a low COI of 10%, great dental health and an enchanting personality, everyone who meets him is spellbound.  His name comes from Hebrews 10:36 "You need to Persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised."  

Color: ns 23 black silver mackerel tabby

Marwdmc Teddy
Born right here at Marwood, Teddy has the serious and stunning look we all love but the loving personality we also adore and have come to expect in our Maine Coons.  He is son to Yahont and brother to Starbuck.  He has taken after his mom in looks but his dad in size!
Color: n 25 black Ticked tabby


These are our upcoming Kings and Queens, currently not all of the links are working however they will be updated once we have the information.

Schlachtermc Ursula
This beautiful girl is from European descent but was born at another fantastic Cattery right here in Alberta.  So thankful to SchlachterMC for blessing us with this beautiful girl. Her health tests are in the works.

color: a Blue

For more information about the care and feeding of your Maine Coon kitten click here

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