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The Care & Feeding of a
Maine Coon

Listed below are products that I use (unless otherwise stated) and would recommend when you are getting ready for your kitten to come home. If you are interested in purchasing any of these items please click on the photo and it will direct you to Amazon Canada.  I am an affiliate with Amazon so I do earn 10% of whatever you purchase, this money is then used to enrich the lives of my cats by purchasing other items that I know they will love.


Maine Coons require regular brushing, weekly if not daily, in order to maintain their beautiful soft and silky fur coat.  There are a few tips and tricks that can be used if you forget or get busy and are not able to brush their beautiful coats every day.  

1.  Purchase a detangler specifically made for long haired cats and spray their coats every couple weeks.

2. Place a bit of corn starch on the areas that tend to get oily, behind the ears, under their arms and legs.

3. Work around your cat, on Monday brush their front right leg and chest, Tuesday brush their back right leg and underbelly, Wednesday brush their back left leg and underbelly, Thursday brush their left front leg and chest, Friday brush their head and back, Saturday brush their tail, Sunday is a day of rest, enjoy it!  This makes each brushing short and easier for both parties, it helps your kitty get used to being brushed and eventually they will start to enjoy the whole process.

4.  Get the right tools, a lot a breeders really enjoy the metal comb, I enjoy using a small flexible slicker brush.

5.  Take your kitty to the groomer, they will brush and clip your babies nails for $10.  A small price to pay if you do not have the time and if you take your baby to the groomer while they are young the easier it is on both of you.



If you do not brush every day/week then you will get matts.  Matts form under the arms, under their back legs, tail and behind the ears.

1.  The best tool to use to get rid of matts is the one handed De-Matting Rake, it allows you to hold your cat with one arm and get rid of the matt with your other hand.

2.  Use a seem ripper to work difficult matts, remember to be careful, their skin in thin and delicate you don't want to hurt your kitty.

3.  Try using cornstarch behind their ears, it will help soak up the naturally occurring oils in their fur and prevent matts from forming.

4.  If it gets away on you, take your baby to the groomer, they can give him a lion cut.  It will take around 6 months for the hair to grow back and that beautiful fluffy tail will be gone until then.  Some groomers may cut the fluff between the toes so make sure you tell them not too, it't too cute to loose even for six months.

5.  If you decide to clip your cat/kitten make sure to be careful, it is very easy to clip more than just their fur.  I would suggest taking him/her to the groomer for the first year.  Let your groomer teach your kitten how to sit nicely, make sure to watch and learn how your groomer gets the job done so you can replicate it at home.


1.  There is no way around it, Maine Coons need regular teeth brushing to maintain healthy gums and overall oral health.  DO NOT EVER BUY THE SILICONE FINGER BRUSHES, they are the absolute worst toothbrush for your cat.

2.  Use Tropical Fresh Breath Gel, place one tiny drop on either side of their mouth and their tongues will do the rest.  This should not be used in place of regular teeth brushing.

3.  Try adding Tropical Fresh Breath Dental Health to their water every day to keep their teeth clean and healthy, I do not recommend this option if you are using a water fountain with a filter as it will clog up the water filter.  This should not be used in place of regular teeth brushing.


Maine Coons need a high protein diet, with great ingredients and no fillers or grains.  It is a good idea to feed them wet food every 2-3 days, or every day if they are not drinking enough water.  We feed our cats Go! Solutions grain free chicken, turkey, duck which is 46% protein and 18% fat, and Go! Solutions limited ingredient duck which is 31% protein and 15% fat.  Go! is a Canadian company and can be found at any pet food store across Canada.  I have switched all of my kittens to a homemade wet cat food, the recipe may be found below.


There are other high quality cat foods  and you are welcome to switch your kitten to another brand, if you choose to do this make sure to do it very slowly as it can create gastric upset in your kitten which may result in loose stool and may cause litter box issues.

Adored Beast 

Adored Beast is a Canadian based company that sources all of their ingredients within Canada when they can.  I personally love using their products, they clearly state everything that is in their products, they are all natural and my cats all do well on them.  Once a year I do the 'Easy Peesy' protocol to ensure that my cats remain issue free in regards to urinary issues and I give our Kings, Queens and kittens 'Love Bugs' and 'Healthy Gut' every day.  Please note they have a referral program, click a the picture and you will be directed to their page where you can get $20 off your purchase of $40 or more if you give them your email and then my email:

Mainecoon Breeder Canada

Easy Peesy Protocol

Why:   Supports the body in the dissolution of Urinary Crystals. Supports bladder health and the creation of an environment that will discourage crystal formation.


Adored Beast Healthy Gut

Why:   It has all the needed probiotics plus added natural ingredients to help your cat/kitten digest their food.  

Mainecoon Breeder Alberta Canada

Immunity Boosting Bundle

Why:  This trio of products works together synergistically in the body to increase overall health, longevity, and immune system strength.

Mainecoon Canada

Raw Hemp Seed Oil

Why:   Highly beneficial source of essential fatty acids as it offers the correct balance of Omega 3 and 6. It offers the perfect ratio of EFAs, contains Vitamins D, E, A and cholesterol-fighting phytosterols. It is also one of nature’s richest sources of magnesium.  Add to wet or dry food once per day.

Homemade Wet Cat Food

Whole Chicken, bones and all.*
Chicken heart and liver or Beef liver, you should be able to get this at your local grocery store.
Just enough water to cover the chicken


  1. Place everything in an Instant pot and cook for four to six hours or until the bones are soft and easily break apart.

  2. Take some of the broth out and set it aside.

  3. Add any extras you desire*

  4. Use an immersion blender and blend everything until it is well pureed.

  5. If you find the puree too thick add a little more of the broth that you set aside.  Any leftover broth can be frozen and used for when you make soup.
  6. Place parchment paper on a sheet pan and then spread the puree evenly on top.

  7. Freeze

  8. Once frozen you can pull it out and break it into smaller chunks then place into a ziplock bag.

  9. Each day take a frozen chunk of their meat puree out and place in their dry food dish, giving it to them frozen will make them slowly eat it instead of gulping it down all at once.


Alternatively, IF you have a pressure canner, you can place the puree into jars and can them. Doing it this way means that it will not take up any space in your freezer and will last a very long time.  Please make sure to follow the recommended guidelines for canning meat.


*I like to add Nuvet Feline Powder, Coconut MCT Oil, a small amount of organ meat (liver, heart etc.), lysine, Spirulina, sardines in water and Hemp Seed Oil.
*Another option is to save your chicken carcass from after your meals, my family will only eat the breast meat off of a chicken, so I throw everything else, wings, thighs etc into the instant pot.  If you are using already roasted chicken you only need to cook it in the instant pot for another 2 hours as long as all the bones are under water.


I use both the Litter Robot and a wood pellet system.  Litter boxes need to be scooped everyday in order to ensure the health of your cat, if you do not then then your cat may be stepping in their poop and then they may track it all over your house.  If time does not allow for this it would be a great idea to invest in a Litter Robot.  If you decide to go this way then the arm and hammer litter is the best I have found.

Recently I have started trying Pretty Litter, it costs the same as one box of regular litter but lasts two months instead of one.  So far I have been enjoying it and am considering switching all of my Kings and Queens to this litter.  Copy and paste the link provided to purchase your first bag of Pretty Litter, by doing this I will also receive a bag of Pretty Litter.

Wood Pellet Method

1.   Get a container which will allow urine and distinegrated wood pellets to fall through.

2.  Screw some wood legs on to the bottom of the crate or find something that will increase the height of the crate from the larger container you will place it in.

3.  Place the crate on a large puppy pee pad.

4.  Place everything in a plastic container in order to keep it all contained and easy to clean.

Put enough wood litter in the crate just to cover the bottom, you want enough for them to dig in but not too much.

5.  Wood pellets can be picked up from your local hardware store.

Clean Up

1.  Scoop out the poop daily, once or twice a week lift out the crate and place it on another clean pee pad.

2.  Grab all four corners of the used pee pad and discard.

3.  Place the crate and new pee pad back in the plastic bin.

4.  About twice a month spray the bin and crate wash them out, how often this will need to be done will depend on how many cats are using the litter box.

5.  Here is a youtube video of how to use a wood litter box.

Cat Stands

Now we are getting into the fun stuff!  I love cat stands but it can be hard to find one that will fit your fully grown kitten.  I have looked everywhere for products like these all over Canada and have only been able to find cat trees that are covered with carpet, carpet is ok and much better than the cheaper carpet like fabric that covers most cat stands but I like stands that can be easily wiped down and cleaned.


Why I like these Cat Stands-

1.   They have removable sleeping pads so all you have to do is throw the pad in the washer and your done.

2.  You can wipe down every surface.

3.  They look good in any living room.

4.  Made with wood making them sturdy and durable.

For kittens I wouldn't recommend a cat stand taller than four and a half feet, their hips are not fully developed and if they jump from any high heights it may inadvertently cause hip issues.

*I do not own every cat tree I am going to recommend here, but I would LOVE to have every one of these.  They are not only nice to look at but they should endure even the harsh play of your Marwood Maine Coon.

Cat Toys

We try our hardest to socialize all of our kittens so that when they go to their new homes they can easily adjust to their new surroundings.  When they go home our job ends and yours begins, every kitten will still need time to bond with their new family and a great way to bond with your kitten is to play with them every day.  Listed below are cat toys we have used and love.


Whether you are simply taking your kitten to the Vet, to get groomed or on an adventurous hike you will need a pet carrier.


Anything can stress out your kitten/cat, if you are starting to have behaviour issues, cats fighting, peeing everywhere but the litter box etc.  These are all indications that your Marwood Maine Coon is stressed out.

Reasons for Stress, did you just....

  1. Add another pet to the family?

  2. Leave for a vacation?

  3. Take your Maine Coon to the Vet?

  4. Change up your schedule?

  5. Switch kitty litter?

Other Reason for your cat peeing everywhere but in their litter box...

  1. Your cat could have a UTI.  I use adored beast easy peesy protocol on all of our cats once a year for overall maintenance of health.  I am not a vet so if you suspect that your cat has a UTI please visit your vet.

  2. Dominance.  Your cat could be trying to show their dominance, especially if you have noticed them peeing on your dog bed or sofa where you sit.  Wash the dog bed/sofa and then take your cats blanket/bed and rub their smell all over the dog bed/sofa so their smell is on it.  Make sure your cat always has enough food and it is where your dog cannot get it. Give your cat high places to get away from the dogs.  Play with your cat every day, likely they are feeling a little insecure about their place in your home.  The more you play with your cat the more secure they will feel.

  3. Your cat may be bored, make sure to have plenty of toys so that you can rotate them.  Cats will get bored with their toys after time, introduce new toys and take the old toys away, every week or two rotate the toys so that they are new and interesting again.

Quick Links


Rimbey Veterinary Clinic

The Rimbey Veterinary Clinic has been providing veterinary services continuously to Rimbey and area since 1964.  They provide all veterinary care for all of our cats and kittens, this is where your kitten will be spayed or neutered.

Jackson Galaxy

Cat behaviourist Jackson Galaxy, if you are looking for solutions to your cat problems it is likely he has a video to help you.


Adored Beast

Adored Beast Apothecary is the culmination of decades of experience in the trenches of holistic healthcare by founder Julie Anne Lee, DCH. They are dedicated to helping you find high-quality natural products to support and heal your adored beast.  Not only do they have a variety of products for your newest fur baby but they also have a blog where they discuss health conditions, nutrition, remedies and animal wisdom. 

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